How does Good2Give secure my credit card details?

Processing credit cards via Good2Give Giving platform

When you make a donation via Credit Card on the Good2Give Giving platform, at no time does the Good2Give platform or it's staff have access to your card details.  Your card details are processed by Good2Give's payment gateway, Braintree which is a service of PayPal.  

Good2Give is only able to view your Card expiry date and the 'masked' card number details eg. 411*******11.

See Braintree's privacy statement here.

See Good2Give privacy statement here.

Braintree and Good2Give both are PCI compliant organisations.

Saved Cards

If you choose the option to 'Save' your card details for 'Pay Later' or 'Recurring' payments, Good2Give will not have access to your card details, but instead have the ability to securely trigger the future dated transaction using the card details stored within the Braintree payment gateway.

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