My donation amount looks wrong, have I been deducted more?

Donations processed via Good2Give's Workplace Giving platform are distributed to charities twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.

After these payments have occurred, the Workplace Giving platform sends an email to all donors who had donations paid.

You will receive an email like this after a payout:

Due to the timing of your employer's payment schedule and the Good2Give charity payout schedule, it is possible for multiple of your donations to be paid to a charity in a single payout.

In the email you receive, it will let you know if multiple donations were processed. In the above example you can see that 2 donations were paid to each charity that covered the time period of May to June 2020.

Each line items in the email, which represent a donation to each charity per pay period that was processed.  Donors with recurring workplace giving donations who have weekly or fortnightly pay frequency will likely see multiple donation entries.

If the information in the email still looks incorrect, then please get in touch with the Good2Give Client Service team at for further assistance.

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