What happens when you make a donation?

When you decide to donate to a charity or cause you care about, you set off a chain of events that makes something great happen.

But how does it work?

Donation creation

First you decide where you want your money to go, how much you want to donate and whether it’s a one-time donation or a recurring one. 

Donation deduction

When you get paid the donation amount is safely held back from your usual salary by your employer, ready to go to your nominated charity. 

Employer checking

Your employer then checks that your donation is the right amount. When they’re sure its correct your donation is then ready to go to the next stage. 

Employer matching

If your employer has a donation matching program and your donation is eligible they will match your donation amount themselves. That total amount is checked again and held safely until it gets paid out to the charity or cause you have chosen. 

Charity payout

Twice a month Good2Give collects up all these donations, that have been double-checked and makes sure they get to the charities and causes who need them.

Once they’ve received your donation you will get an email from Good2Give that confirms it’s got there safely.

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