How to link back to Good2Give

Potentially double your income by linking back to Good2Give

Congratulations on joining the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform! It's time to let your donors know you're with Good2Give to unlock any available corporate fund matching. 

Here's how you can link back to Good2Give;

  1. Log into the back end of your charity website
  2. Find a page that's appropriate to share information about workplace giving, we would suggest putting it as an option type on your donation page
  3. Copy and paste the following description or write your own!
    • Does your workplace have Good2Give? Good2Give allows you to donate to us directly from your pay. This means a donation of $5 would be approximately $3 out of your payslip and $2 of tax. If your workplace matches your donation, we could receive $10! To turn $3 into a $10 donation, sign in to the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform and donate to us through there.
  4. Hyperlink back to Good2Give by;
    1. Highlight the words 'Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform'
    2. Select the link symbol
    3. Copy and paste in the URL
    4. Save your page

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