How do I turn on Single Sign On (SSO)

Contact your Client Relations Manager who will introduce our IT team to identify and understand if your current platform for SSO (e.g. Okta or Microsoft Azure) and Good2Give's solutions are compatible. For more details on compatibility and eligibility for SSO, refer to Am I eligible for SSO on the Good2Give Platform?

If they are compatible, and included in your Software Plan, our IT teams will work together to enable SSO.

At a high level, the SSO Implementation steps are;

  1. Configure and test SSO in Good2Give's staging/test environment
  2. Once testing is successful, a Go-Live date is decided
  3. Client prepares communications, marketing material and teasers  
  4. Marketing teams work to advertise the upcoming SSO with Good2Give. (This is a crucial step as we really want you to capitalise on the SSO experience and its benefits and drive staff participation).
  5. On the Go-Live date, SSO is applied in the production environment
  6. Post launch support is provided if necessary

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