Why should I enable Credit Card payment method for my employees?

Credit card payments give your employees more ways to engage in workplace giving.

Credit card payments are another way your employees can make donations via the Good2Give Workplace Giving platform.

Donation Type

The Credit Card payment method allows your employees to set up a recurring donation with the frequency of their choice (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly) and set a date for their donations to begin. 

They can also make a one-time donation immediately or schedule it for a later date that suits them best. This provides great flexibility for your employees and their donation choices.

Tax receipts are provided immediately via the My Giving History tab.

Employment Type

Traditionally, workplace giving has only been available for staff who are directly employed by your organisation and on your payroll. With the Credit Card payment method, staff don't have to be set up on payroll at all. This will enable contractors, consultants, franchisees and even temporary staff to make donations via the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform, unlocking even more donations from your staff and increasing employee engagement. 

Get your employees donating quicker than ever before

Your payroll team isn't required to validate donations made via credit card, so your employees can make donations right away! Whilst Good2Give's regular charity payout frequency still applies, donations won't be held up by unverified payroll batches. 

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