How do I search for and view a specific grant application in my Good2Give grants platform?

Login to your grant platform using your admin access account and use the 'Search' page to locate a grant applicant or application.

Finding a grant applicant

Add the organisation's name in the 'Recipient Name' field to view any previous applications submitted by this organisation. 

Finding a grant application

Add the application ID number in the 'Application ID' field to search for a specific application. 

Customising the search page

You can add filters to the search page to view applications based on rounds and nomination status. 

Depending on your grants platform and program requirements, your search page will have various other search filters and search boxes available. 

Viewing the application

Once you have found the application you would like to view, click on the application number. 

Applications are view-only, you will not be able to edit them. You can use the tabs at the top of the application to navigate through the various pages. 

To go back to the 'Search' page, click 'Administration Login' at the bottom of the application page. 

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