How can I ensure that the donation is tied to the charity advertised on the Tap2Give terminal?

Before using the Tap2Give terminal

When your organisation starts using the Tap2Give terminal, your team will be provided with a perspex insert that screws onto the terminal.  

The perspex is where you can insert your campaign information regarding what charity/charities your organisation is supporting, details of the tap amount and any other relevant details - a design template will be supplied with your terminal.

While using the Tap2Give terminal

We recommend taking care when moving the terminals to ensure the advertised display stays with the machine so that donors always have correct information.

After using the Tap2Give terminal

Once your campaign has concluded and/or your organisation is ready to remit the donations, you need to advise Good2Give which terminals raised funds for which charities and the date range of the taps. These details will ensure that donor funds are distributed to the correct charity/charities.

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