How do I search for volunteering opportunities?

To use Volunteering online, your organisation needs to have the online Volunteering enabled.  If you don’t see the Volunteering Tab, speak to your CSR Manager to see if this feature can be enabled for your organisation.

The Volunteering module allows you to search and express interest to participate in available volunteering opportunities.

To search for volunteering opportunities:

Click on the Volunteering tab

If you would like to see all volunteering opportunities:

Click the Search Now button.

All volunteering opportunities associated with your organisation's community will be displayed at the bottom.

If you would like to search for specific volunteering opportunities:
You can search on the following criteria:

Field Description
Date Available Options:
  1. Specific Date Range.  Use the Calendar Picker to select the From and To dates which volunteering opportunities are posted.
  2. This Month.  Displays volunteering opportunities that have been posted in the current month.
  3. Most Recent.  Displays all volunteering opportunities in order of most recently posted.
Charity You can search for opportunities that support your chosen charity. Start entering the first few characters of your chosen charity and select a charity from the list of charities available.
Search Volunteering Opportunities Enter criteria that may be relevant to the volunteering opportunities.  Examples include:
  • The name of the volunteering activity eg. "ABC work day"
  • Tasks that need to be undertaken in an activity eg. "Painting"
  • Description of the volunteering activity

Search by Volunteering Skills Required or Type

These search options are coming soon.  Until then, results will display Project Based volunteering opportunities.

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