v1.2.839 - Workplace Giving Platform Release Notes - 09/19/2023

Release Version: v1.2.839
Release Date: 09/19/2023

This release includes two new features and a bug fix:

New Features:

  • First Time User Experience Changes 

The donation intent will only be made by the employee if they have accepted the terms and conditions going forward. The donors need to accept the T&Cs before the donation intent (pledge) is made.

  1. A flag in Backoffice is created saying “Skip donation in FTUX”
  2. If the flag is toggled on, instead of going to the charity selection page in FTUX it will take them directly to the main details page
  3. With the deep link: After the employee clicks on register now it will direct them straight to the (My Details) page skipping the (Select Charity) and (My Giving) page
  4. With the invitation link: After the employee clicks on the invitation link it will direct them straight to (My Details) page skipping (Select Charity) and (My Giving) page
  5. If the user has already signed up an email will be sent to notify the user

  • Value for Admin costs have been increased from 10% to 20%

The maximum admin costs that users were able to enter was 10%, this has been increased from 10% to 20%.

Bug Fix:

  • Error (Oops) page recieved in reports

(Oops) error page recieved in Employees, Pledges, Donations Report, this has been fixed.

Please contact workplacegiving@good2give.ngo if you are interested in these features.

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