Workplace Giving Platform Release Notes 2020.6.1

Release Version: 2020.6.1 
Release Date:    17/09/2020

This release includes improvements to the Payroll Centre to support the management of employee and payroll bulk data processing through the Workplace Giving platform.

'Activity Type' filters are also now available in the Donation Activity Reports in the Employer Giving Centre Portal.

New Features:

Employer Giving Portal reporting: Activity Type filters

An Activity Type filter has been added to the following Employer Giving Centre reports which will enable CSR Managers to filter reports on specific activities. E.g. by Post-Tax Matching or Volunteer Matching.
The filters are available on the following reports:

  • Donations Summary
  • Donations by Charity
  • Donations by Cause Area
  • Donations by Activity



  • FTPs and Payroll Process Improvements
  • Large import file performance improvements:
  • The Good2Give platform has improved performance in importing large employee data files (for new hires and changes).  This will allow large file imports to be done in one import file rather than having to split it into multiple smaller files
  • Reviewing past imported files:

    The Payroll Centre now displays the summary of all files (employee data files or payroll adjustments) that are imported in the Good2Give platform. The files are displayed in a new 'Import History' section within the Payroll Centre.
  • Dynamic update of custom lists:

    The management and creation of custom lists within Good2Give has been simplified. The import of new hires and employee changes (either manually from Payroll Centre OR via FTPs file automation) can be used to create new 'Custom List' items in Good2Give. This will reduce the number of import failures due to missing custom list fields during employee file imports.
  • Supporting re-hiring employees:

    The Good2Give imports of new hires and changes files now supports re-hiring employees i.e. making a terminated employee live again via the import process. This was previously a Good2Give Administrator controlled feature but is now able to be managed via the Payroll employee import files.

For more information about these Payroll Centre improvements please see these support articles:

How do I bulk import employee records?

How do I update custom fields for my employees?

How do I rehire a terminated employee?


  • Employer Giving Centre - Approvals tab (for Post-Tax or Volunteer Matching submissions) improvements  
  • The Activity Type field now includes an indicator informing the user whether the submission relates to a Matching or Volunteering activity.
  • Individual/Team Indicator - now available in the results in the export file.
  • Bug Fix in the Approvals tab which addresses an issue where filters were dropped when navigating to different pages.



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