v1.2.693 - Workplace Giving Platform Release Notes - 3/30/2023

Release Version: v1.2.693
Release Date: 3/30/2023

This release includes one new feature:

New Features:

  • Automatic migration of pledges and donations to the default charity project and notifying donors when a charity project ends.

When a project ends, the charity can no longer accept funds for the project. If donors have active pledges or unpaid donations Good2Give is unable to process the activity to the charity project. It needs to manually contact donors who have an unpaid activity to notify them their pledges and donations will be migrated to the default charity project. With the new release, charity projects will be automatically closed after the project's end date. Pledges and donations will be automatically migrated to the charity default project and the donors will be notified so that the donor is informed about the changes and has an opportunity to log in to the platform and change or remove the donations if they need to.

Please contact workplacegiving@good2give.ngo if you are interested in these features.

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