v1.2.856 - Workplace Giving Platform Release Notes - 10/12/2023

Release Version: v1.2.856
Release Date: 10/12/2023

This release includes two new features:

New Feature:

  • Post-tax matching and volunteering function updated to accept the logic for a choice of an individual or team

The post-tax matching (PTM) and volunteering function has been updated to accept the logic for a choice of individual or team – this will allow clients to choose to run either individual PTM programs or team PTM programs or both. 

Example: As a team leader, I would like to submit a request for a post-tax matching for my team. 

I go to the matching section in the platform. I select teams and enter the number of team members. A list of text boxes appears and I enter the email address of the team members and put down the email address of the team members and upload the evidence of the donation.  

  • Reference to WPG/Match has been Included next to the allocated EFT number (Internal)

CSOs need to identify whether a payment is related to Matching/Admin or WPG by comparing the EFT number on the Org Details screen against the EFT number on the Unallocated/Allocated tabs. This can be time-consuming, a label has been added on the tabs to save time.

Please contact workplacegiving@good2give.ngo if you are interested in these features.

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