Workplace Giving Platform Release Notes 2022.12.08

Release Version: 2022.12.08
Release Date:    12/08/2022

This release includes four bug fixes:

New Features:

There were no new features deployed in this release.

Bug Fixes:

Changing charity on donations

  • Server error 500 was encountered in the backend when trying to change the charities on the donations. The issue occurred when changing the donations within a closed project. Issue resolved.

Zero dollar donations

  • The system was allowing a zero dollar pledge to be requested.  Validation has been added to employee donations to stop $0 donations.

Re-Enable Custom Matching

  • Custom matching was disabled with the implementation of Advanced Matching.  It has been reenabled for use by the Customer Support team. 

SSO and User Issues

  • Clients who use SSO and have two instances of G2G, one for Australia and one for New Zealand, may need an Australian CSRs to cover both instances.  This problem has been resolved by allowing a non-employee user, in a SSO setup, to access the second instance.
  • Clients who use SSO and have a CSR who is not on the payroll. This was resolved by the changes above
  • G2G Admin staff can't access client instances to provide support, where SSO is in place.   Fixed.

Please contact if you are interested in these features.

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