Workplace Giving Platform Release Notes 2022.10.28

Release Version: 2022.10.28
Release Date: 2022/10/28

This release includes one new feature:

New Features:

  • Social media integration (Yammer)

This release includes, the CSR manager sharing appeal information on yammer, and donors are able to donate via a link shared on the post. The release also includes the share option for event types (Create an Appeal - CSR, Donate to organisation appeal - Donor, Donate to charity project -Donor, Donate to charity - Donor)

Bug Fixes:

  • Minor UI Fixes

1) The thumbnail on the yammer post is now correctly displayed when the organization logo is unavailable. 

2) Appeal name is now displayed on the share screen for donors.

3) Share option icon / share option selection in admin portal / navigation between appeals in CSR portal (Enlarged social media icon which was flashing while reloading the page has been fixed)

Please contact if you are interested in these features.

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