v1.2.825 - Workplace Giving Platform Release Notes - 09/08/2023

Release Version: v1.2.825
Release Date: 09/08/2023

This release includes two new bug fixes and a new feature:

New Features:

  • Self-Serving Comprehensive Reports

Our clients have continued to ask for reports from the Workplace Giving Platform with specific attribute lists and applicability ranges.  Unfortunately, it is not effective for us to craft specific reports for each request.  

This release will give the client the tools to allow them to export the data they require in a CSV format, at which point they can conduct their own analysis with their own tools. In the event, a client demands a custom report we will charge them for the custom development.   

Depending on the date range the CSV files should take no more than 10 minutes to generate and download except the employee's report for large orgs.  They will be available in the CSR Portal and the client will export from the portal upon completion of the generated file.  

Each extract initiated by the client will be logged, capturing the client, the time of the report, the report type, and the number of rows exported. 

The system will include the extraction of PII fields.  Where this is the case, the client will:  

  • Have the option to mask the PII  
  • Be presented with a warning message 
  • CRMs to discuss with the client and mutually agree to give access to one nominated person from the client side to ensure the onus is on their side as well to protect report PII data security

Below are the reports that will be ready to download:

  • Comprehensive Employees, Pledges, Donations Report
  1. Made Available in the CSR portal in reports sections
  2. Access control from Back office
  • Charity Payout Report (For Internal Purposes - By Org, Casue Focus Area, Charity)
  1. Made available in the Reports tab in Back office
  2. Filters on the basis of payments out Report Type, Payments out ID, Date, charity Tax status and charity name
  3. Access to the Finance team only (Tom, Tim, Sarina)

Bug Fix:

  • Data discrepancy for closed organizations while exporting donations report

Fixed the issue where the filter for the closed organization while exporting the received donations report would not work

  • Error page loading

Fixed the issue where charity projects with (,) would cause the Oops page to appear while creating an appeal.

  1.  Removed (,) comma from the project names of current charity projects
  2.  Restrictions placed on new charities to not include the (,) commas

Please contact workplacegiving@good2give.ngo if you are interested in these features.

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