v1.2.716 - Workplace Giving Platform Release Notes - 5/25/2023

Release Version: v1.2.716
Release Date: 5/25/2023

This release includes one new bug fix and a new feature:

New Features:

  • Non-DGR disbursements are now added as a line item into the payment out to the charity recipient's report

Currently, the payment out to the charity recipient's report only shows the DGR disbursements as line items, but in reality, there is still a deficit of a certain amount which is a Non-DGR disbursement which was not shown as a line item before, this has been fixed and in future Non-DGR disbursement will be shown as a line item so the total will be tallied when all line items are added.

Bug Fix:

  • An appeal that starts on a future date appeared immediately in the employee portal, this has been fixed now.

Fixed the issue which would allow an appeal that is starting in the future to appear in the employee portal immediately. This will allow the CSR to create a future appeal.

Please contact workplacegiving@good2give.ngo if you are interested in these features.

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