v1.2.1071- Workplace Giving Platform Release Notes - 06/06/2024

Release Version: v1.2.1071
Release Date: 06/06/2024

This release includes one new feature:

New Features:

  • Deduction file changes

There were a few differences in the Deduction files sent from S/FTP and Platform. 

For example:- 

The removal of donation creates $0 in Platform whereas in S/FTP files it creates a blank record. This was the default behavior of the platform. This has been changed to have the same behavior so that both the platform, FTP, and Emails have the same deduction file. 

Furthermore, a toggle in the Backoffice is been given to use so the user can toggle between them, it is like a Flag for legacy deduction files in the organization which uses the current SFTP file format across all downloadable platform and if unchecked uses the current format of Deduction downloadable from the payroll portal all over. If there is an issue with SFTP they can just download the file and import it from the payroll portal and use it instead of us having to search.

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When the payroll delivery method is selected as employer payroll center instead of just sending an email to sign in, it sends the link of the downloadable file which will be automatically downloaded after the payroll contact sign-ins to the platform

Please contact workplacegiving@good2give.ngo if you have any questions.

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