Workplace Giving Platform Release Notes 2021.3.1

Release Version: 2021.3.1
Release Date:    23/08/2021

This release includes two new features:

New Features:

  • Password Strength Indicator

This purpose of this feature is to help users understand the password requirements of the Workplace Giving Platform and to improve the security of passwords used.

A new password strength indicator has been introduced into the password creation and password reset process.  When a user sets their password a colour coded indicator is displayed as the user types showing the strength of the password text (strong, medium, weak or invalid).

In addition, the password strength requirements are displayed when the user does not meet the minimum requirements to help the user enter a valid password.

  • Cause Area updated in the CSR Portal - Donations by Charity report

When a user exports the results of the Donations by Charity report as a CSV file, the report file now contains an additional field for the Cause Area.  This will help organisations identify the cause area for each charity more easily.

Please contact for more information on any of these features.

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