Workplace Giving Platform Release Notes 2021.4.1

Release Version: 2021.4.1
Release Date:    02/11/2021

New Features:

  • Credit Card Payment Method

The Good2Give Giving Platform now allows donors to make donations using their credit card.  Credit card as a payment method will be available for all organisations using the Good2Give Giving Platform from 6th December 2021.

If enabled for their organisation, a donor will have a choice to choose their payment method when making a donation:

  • My pay - for deductions facilitated by the organisation's payroll 
  • Credit card

Credit Card donations made through the Good2Give Giving Platform are tax deductible and can be claimed by the donor in their annual tax return.

Employee Portal capabilities:

  • Supported card types: Visa/Mastercard (credit and debit cards)
  • Dashboard portfolio which provides a summary of a donor's giving across all payment methods
  • Digital Wallet options (Apple Pay and Google Pay)
  • Give now for real-time payments
  • Give later with the ability to schedule recurring donations (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annually) using a credit card
  • Save a card for use again later
  • Tax claimable donation receipts emailed to the donor after a card has been charged.  Also available for download from the Employee Portal
  • Credit card expiry reminder email sent to the donor 30 days and 7 days before a card is due to expire
  • Matching of credit card donations - subject to donor and organisation matching caps


        CSR Portal capabilities:

  • Payment type filter is available in the existing donation activity reports.  CSR Manager's can filter activity using My pay or Credit card to options to obtain a breakdown of activity by payment type.

Please contact for more information on this feature.

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