Why wasn't my donation matched?

Donations processed in Good2Give can be optionally matched by the organisation based upon a set of rules and limits they define.

What is donation matching?

Donation matching is where an employer may choose to recognise the generosity of their employees by also making a donation to the same charity.

If your donation has not been matched by your employer, it is possible that one of the following restrictions or limitations may have been reached:

  • Your employer does not offer donation matching
  • You have already received donation matching up to the monthly or annual limit defined by your employer.  This is often called a 'matching cap'
  • The charity does not meet the eligibility requirements of your employer
  • Post-Tax / Matching Gift donations can also have additional restrictions that need to be considered.

If the charity has a different matching percentage to the default amount offered by your employer, then you will see a ribbon on the charity tile indicating this.

Your donation matching this can be found in My Giving History.

  1. Click on My Giving
  2. Click on My Giving History
  3. Filter list for date range you require to view the Company Matched Giving amount for that period.

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