How to review your Post Tax Matching submissions

To submit a Post-Tax Matching request online, your organisation needs to have the online Post Tax Matching module enabled. If you don’t see the Matching Tab, speak to your CSR Manager to see if this feature can be enabled for your organisation.

Matching Tab

The matching tab allows you to:

  1. Create a new submission request by clicking the Create Submission button.
  2. Review a history of all your matching submissions. Each submission record contains the following details:
Field Description
Date The date the application was submitted.
Charity Name
The recipient charity receiving the donations.
Amount Submitted
The offline donation amount that has been requested to be matched.
Amount Matched
If the submission has been approved, the amount that has been matched by the platform subject to your organisation’s matching cap.
Approved:  The submission has been approved for payment to the charity.
Pending: The submission has been referred to your CSR Manager for approval. You will be notified by email once the application has been reviewed.
Draft: The submission has not been submitted. You can still edit or cancel the submission.
Rejected: The submission has been declined by your CSR Manager. An email has been sent to you notifying you of the reason for the outcome.
The following actions are available or Pending and Draft submissions:
Edit: Select this option if you want to change the details of the submission. Click the submit button when you are ready to submit the application.
Cancel: Select this option to cancel the application. The application will be removed.

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