What are the different types of charity/community partnerships?

Good2Give knows that different businesses need different charity/community partnership models. Here are some of the different ways you can partner with charities:

  • Workplace Giving program's charity partners,
  • National corporate partnerships,
  • International corporate partnerships,
  • Local grassroots community organisation partnerships,
  • Shared value partnerships,
  • Cause focus partnerships,
  • Sponsorship partners,
  • Pro-bono charity partners,
  • Gift-in-Kind partners,
  • Skilled or general volunteering charity partners, 
  • Events charity partners, and
  • Charities supported by staff at morning teas and through casual clothes days.

Contact Good2Give on info@good2give.ngo or phone +61 2 9929 9633 to speak with someone about charity/community partnerships.

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