What is Gift Matching/Post Tax Matching?

Not all employees give using workplace giving. Many people support charities using other payment methods. These are called 'Post Tax' donations as the donor will need a receipt to claim their tax. These donations are not automatically matched by their company.

This doesn’t stop great companies wanting to support their people in however they choose to give by matching their donations. 

Good2Give manage corporate Gift Matching programs by utilising our technology and charity due diligence services. 

When a Gift Matching program is in place, employees simply upload their individual or team fundraising receipts in the Good2Give Employee Centre. 

Good2Give’s Gift Matching solution manages the processing of matched donations to charities seamlessly:

- collecting donation receipts

- matching team fundraising

- assessing donation matching eligibility

- calculating employer matching contributions

- employer matching reporting

- validating  charities

- making payments to charities

- managing communications to employees

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