When does my Gift Matching or Volunteer Matching donation get matched?

Gift Matching/Post Tax and Volunteering Matching donations are matched at the time the submission is approved. 

The Good2Give platform automatically calculates your matched donation based on your Employer's Matching Caps and your current matching usage for the period.

Note that the frequency may vary between organisations. Check with your program manager for more information.

When is my matching paid to the charity?

Once your donation has been deducted from your pay or process via credit card the Good2Give team will organise a the payment of the funds to all the charities on our platform.

This happens twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month (dependant on national public holidays in Australia).

You are also able to view the status of your donation, but looking at the My Giving History.

  1. Login to Good2Give Workplace Giving Employee Giving Centre
  2. Click on My Giving
  3. Click on My Giving History
  4. Find the donation and review the status (eg. Paid)

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