Payroll process automation

The payroll centre of Good2Give Workplace Giving platform allows clients to - manage (add, edit and remove) their employees AND manage the staff donations/contributions per pay cycle. This can be done manually or via file import to perform the action in bulk. 

Good2Give has the ability to automate these two actions via the use of automated file imports using secure FTP (FTPs or SFTP) technologies. Typically the client hosts the FTPs or SFTP server. However, Good2Give can be your hosting partner if needed. Clients can choose to automate the employee management, the deduction management or both. 

Here is a quick summary of the steps and high level diagram for automating the 'staff deduction management and processing' via the FTPs/SFTP.

  1. Good2Give will upload staff deduction files to the nominated FTPs/SFTP server on the cut-off date.
  2. Client will download the files from the FTPs/SFTP server and transpose the files into a format that can be imported into their payroll system.
  3. Client will also generate an 'actuals' file for staff deductions and upload to the FTPs/SFTP server.
  4. The Good2Give platform will connect to that FTPs/SFTP server and import the file(s) overnight to bulk update and reconcile the staff donations in Good2Give.
  5. After the import, a processing outcome email will be sent to the nominated client payroll contacts.

For 'employee management' automation, the client uploads the employee import files to the FTPs/SFTP server in a pre-defined format and Good2Give downloads and imports them overnight.

This automation via FTPs/SFTP is optional add-on that clients can choose to purchase as part of their WPG platform license. The core manual management of the payroll centre is always available and can be used to override the automation if needed.

For further technical and configuration details, please get in touch with your Good2Give Client Relations Manager.

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