Can I use Tap2Give for in-store/retail environments?

Yes, Tap2Give is an easy and contactless solution to collect in-store customer donations.

Where do I place the Tap2Give terminal?

Tap2Give can be placed at the point of sale or anywhere that customers may wish to make a touch-free donation using their debit or credit card. Please note that receipts are not issued from the terminal and for more information on claiming tax deductions please see How can a donor claim a tax deduction using Tap2Give?

There are also Tap2Give stands that can be purchased if your stores are short on counter space as well as linking Tap2Give to in-store touch screens. Please contact the Good2Give team for further information regarding these retail options.

Will I need fundraising licenses? 

When fundraising in the public domain, your company will require fundraising licenses. Please see Does my organisation need fundraising licenses to use Tap2Give?

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