How do I participate in a volunteering opportunity?

To use Volunteering online, your organisation needs to have the online Volunteering enabled.  If you don’t see the Volunteering Tab, speak to your CSR Manager to see if this feature can be enabled for your organisation.

  1. Before you can participate in a volunteering opportunity you will need to search and locate the opportunity in the Volunteering tab.  Click here to find out more about searching for a charity.

  2. Once you have found your volunteering opportunity in the search results, click Express Interest on the tile.  You will be directed to Communiteer.

    Note: You will need to provide permission for Good2Give to share personal and volunteering data with Communiteer before you can connect Communiteer. You will be prompted to enable permissions after clicking Express Interest:

  3. If you have a registered account in Communiteer, you will need to sign-in to Communiteer using your Workplace Giving Platform email address, otherwise you will need to signup.  Please ensure you use the same email address you use to access the Workplace Giving Platform.

    Tip: Use the Sign in with Good2Give button for a faster sign-in experience

  4. To start participating in Volunteering you will need to:
    • Join your organisation's community (if you haven't already), and
    • Join the Project
  5. You will then be able to access and participate in volunteering tasks through the Communiteer Platform.

Completing the Volunteering task

Ongoing engagement with the Not For Profit / Charity to complete the volunteering task is all handled within Communiteer.

At the end of the volunteering task you will be asked for feedback, which includes the hours your spent on the task. These hours spent will be included in your My Giving History within the Good2Give platform.

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