Workplace Giving Platform Release Notes 2021.1.1

Release Version: 2021.1.1 
Release Date:    04/01/2021

This release includes two new features:

New Features:

  • sFTP (Secure File Protocol)

Good2Give now supports the exchange of Payroll Deduction and Employee Management files via sFTP.  An sFTP server can be setup by either the client or hosted by Good2Give.

Click here for more information about automating payroll files via sFTP or FTP.

  • Custom Payroll Deductions Files

Good2Give now supports the ability to customise the fields in your payroll deduction file. Additional capabilities include the ability to add or remove fields as well as changing the position of fields in the file

Click here for more information about custom payroll deduction files.

Please contact if you are interested in these features.

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